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Personal Training

Single Session


3 Ladies Working Out

Package Deal Pricing

(Save Over 15%)


on 5 session packages

Personal Training for
all ages and fitness levels.

The words “Personal Training” can sound scary and harsh. What it really means is a Personal Assistant, assisting you while learning how to move your body while gaining strength and mobility without creating injury. Personal Training can be done in a Private, Duet or Semi Private session with three or more people. It is meant to be fun and invigorating while getting you outside of your comfort zone. 


My goal as your trainer is to create a passion for exercise and longevity in life through movement. Together we will build a strong structure focusing on balance, strength, mobility and confidence that can last a lifetime.​


I specialize in Beginner, Adaptive, Senior and Play Fitness. I am here to make you laugh and get strong. I have learned through my many years of experience that the individuals who succeed are the individuals who have had fun and form a community within their physical lifestyle. 


Save Over 15% on 5 sessions package.

  • One Session

    30 Minutes
  • Five Sessions

    30 Minutes
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