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Single Session


A group of people exercising in the pool, aqua fitness

Package Deal Pricing

(Save Over 15%)


on 5 or 10 session packages

Group aqua fitness class for
all ages and fitness levels.

Tuesdays | 8am-9am

  • Our classes revolve around improving balance, form, flexibility, everyday movement, and overall fitness through a combination of high-intensity cardio, weight training, and resistance training.

  • ​Our workouts are set to fun 80's music, and we encourage a willingness to try new things and make new connections. During the class, you can unleash your inner child, have a laugh, and play while getting stronger and healthier.

  • Please arrive ten minutes before the class starts and bring a water bottle, towel, and a change of clothes if you desire.

  • We have an outdoor shower for you to rinse off and a changing room. We ask that you be respectful of other people's time and use the 15-minute window after class for changing.

  • Payment must be made online before the class, and you need to sign a release of liability before the class starts.


Save Over 15% on 5 and 10 session packages.

  • Five Sessions

    60 Minutes
  • Ten Sessions

    60 Minutes

Important: Before your first appointment, please take a moment to fill out and sign the Medical and Safety Release documents by clicking on the button below.

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